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Viral rap video puts Milwaukee school in National spotlight

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SNL host and ‘Girls Trip’ star Tiffany Haddish will perform in Milwaukee this January

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Local musicians should attend Milwaukee Startup Week, here’s why

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If you are a musician, you deal with former startups on a daily basis. You submit your music to companies like Bandcamp, Spotify, Soundcloud. These companies have built a platform to help musicians distribute, sell and promote your music. When these startups started did they ask you for your input? Were you involved in helping them build something that met your needs as an artist?

The answer to this is probably no. As a local musician, you should be aware of what technologies these startups are working on to help your business and career. One of these technologies is called blockchain.

Milwaukee Startup Week will host two Blockchain events – Blockchain Conference and Blockchain in Milwaukee – DocLaunch Happy Hour. I recommend that you attend at least one of these events and get a better understanding of the technology and what it could mean for your music career.

But what in the hell is blockchain and how can it help my music career? First off, I’m not telling you to start releasing your music via blockchain right now. But I want you to be more informed about new technologies that might affect your art and your career in music.

You might not know what it is, but you might have heard of bitcoin. The technology that makes bitcoin possible is based on blockchain.

Here are four blockchain features:

  • consists of a decentralized database
  • allows consumers and suppliers to connect directly, removing the need for a third party.
  • transparent and secure
  • reduces fraud

This video gives a great non-technical description of blockchain technology.

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Check The Rhyme: Connecting Generations Through Hip Hop

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As a musical genre, hip hop has had the ability to bridge racial, economic, and cultural barriers and since the 1970s, it has created a culture that has tremendous influence. On Friday, November 17th and Saturday, November 18th, 88Nine’s Cultural Commons initiative will celebrate the 5 elements of hip hop culture – DJing, MCing, breakdancing, graffiti, and knowledge – during Check The Rhyme: Connecting Generations Through Hip Hop, a FREE event open to the public.

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This Milwaukee bar was named one of the best Tiki bars in the world

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Frightened Rabbit and my grandma’s ghost

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Band Together 2017 Recap

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Can the power of music of music connect people from different Milwaukee neighborhoods? That was the question we sought to answer during our second annual Band Together event at the end of September.

Relying on local Milwaukee talents, we brought in diverse genres of music and a variety of food vendors to put our question to the test. And what did we find out?

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Hotel Madrid dials it up to ‘eleven’ with its ‘Stranger Things’ Halloween Ball

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Stranger Things, Hotel Madrid, Halloween

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Green & Gold and Microsoft team up to bring more ‘gold’ to Green Bay

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Milwaukee filmmaker shoots video on Giannis Antetokounmpo for Time Magazine

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